Learn to Drive

Learn to Drive Handbook
For Australia & New Zealand

This Easy to follow Learner's teaching aid is recommended by the Australian Driving Schools Association is a Must for all Australian Learner Drivers.

The new log book system introduced in Queensland from July '07 requires that all new learner drivers acquire a 100 hours of supervised driving experience, including 10 hours of mandatory night driving, in a logbook.

Young drivers that can't afford to pay up to and beyond $3,200 in professional driving lessons will need to find someone able to supervise them whilst they accumulate the sufficient hours, which is where this practical step by step Learners book comes in. It will insure you are always teaching your learner the correct way to drive and how to stay safe on our roads.

For less then the cost of 1 professional driving lesson you can have this commonsense practical Learn to drive guide at your fingertips. It outlines step by step everything a learner needs to know and master when learning to drive in Australia.

By following the lessons in this easy to read, Learn to Drive book, learner drivers will be able to approach their driving test with confidence. The "Learn to Drive Handbook for Australia & New Zealand", is the only book you will need to teach your learner to drive safely and responsibly.


NOTE: We recommend this handbook works in conjunction with a professional driving instructor.